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Mingalabar Restaurant

MinGaLaBar is one of the best known ethnic restaurants in Myanmar. The brand has five branches in total, each branch contains its own uniqueness atmosphere, which targets its own customers.

MinGaLaBar is a must-try Burmese restaurant that is recognised by Myanmar Restaurant Guide and guaranteed by all Local customers throughout the city and numerous international travellers for its great tastes and extra ordinary local dining experience.

Authentic Local Traditional Taste for Everyone

We offer seasonal tasting menus that offer a journey throughout the different regions of the country, as well as our chef’s creative versions of traditional favourite dishes.

Burmese Cuisine is not a one dish meal, where variety is key. Be open minded , try something new and treat your tastebuds to a symphony of flavors. The complexity results in dishes that truly nourish the soul.

Popular Local Desserts

The best way to finish your meal is with our traditional sweet. Our sweet delights are the perfect finishing touch to a hearty local meal. To fully experience Myanmar is to try our famous sweets and desserts.

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